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Chlorine-free swimming pool
Information video filmed in February 2008.

Philip Holmes tells Christine Smith of Grander Water how he no longer uses chlorine in his swimming pool.

Date Online: 05/03/2008
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You CAN lead a horse to water
Extract from Equestrian Trade News November 2007.

Grander Water encourages horses to drink more water and help ailing ones back to full health and vitality.

Date Online: 13/11/2007
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You can take a horse to water
Extract from National Horsemart magazine June 2007.

Felicity Wilson, the well-known animal healer, uses Equine Touch, Bach flower remedies and crystals as well as appropriate allopathic prescriptions. And now she has a new powerful tool – water.

Date Online: 30/05/2007
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Lowering the Cost of Bakery Maintenance
Extract from British Baker Magazine March 2007.

A biodynamic baker, working in a hard water area, has installed a unit that revitalises it's cold water, saving maintenance time and costs.

Date Online: 16/03/2007
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Article: Lowering the cost of bakery maintenance
Baking with Grander Revitalised Water
Translated extract from Osterreichische Baeckerzeitung Jan 2007.

Several Austrian bakeries are justly proud of their revitalised breads and confectionery. At the moment around 280 of them are using Grander water in the baking process.

Date Online: 13/02/2007
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  Baking with Grander revitalised water
Water Cure by Harriet Griffey
Article from the Style Magazine of The Sunday Times.

Harriet Griffey thought bottled water was a con, until mountain-pure H20 healed her senses..

Date Online: 15/08/2007
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  The Sunday Times Style article