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Grander and Equine Health
Photograph of Spring Gift


Felicity Wilson, horse healer specialising in Equine Touch, Bach flower remedies and other modalities, Wiltshire
The impact of installing Grander water technology in the stables was immediate.

Felicity Wilson, the well-known horse healer explains, “Recovering animals often need to flush toxins from the body. Getting the horse to drink properly is an important factor in the healing process”.
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Alan Bailey, Remedial Farrier AWCF, Gloucestershire
“I have never seen a horse make such rapid improvement as I have seen in Spring Gift”, explains Alan, “nor one where the quality of the improvement has been so remarkable”.
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Klaus Krzisch, Master of the school, Spanish Riding School in Vienna
The famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna installed Grander water technology in October 2003 in all the stables. After installation we noticed that the Lipizzaner horses were consuming 25% more water and their susceptibility to colic has markedly diminished.
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 Photograph from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
© Spanische Hofreitschule Wien 

Birgit Minnich, Haidenhof Riding School, Burgenland, Austria
Sunrise our 24 year old mare had suffered from water retention in her legs every summer for 5 years. Birgit's father had a Grander unit installed and since then Sunrise, and the 37 other horses only drink revitalised water. Read full story...