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Grander Tank Unit
I only feel better after bathing at home
Dr. Peter Hinde, Nutritional Therapist and Body Electronics Instructor, Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
My 2 year old son’s eczema disappeared
Joan Clark, Employment Co-ordinator, Essex
Grander Skin Care Water
I cannot believe the difference, it's not all about expensive products!
Helen Mason, Woodford, London
Grander Energy Board
The water has a distinctly smoother taste and texture than before.
Anni Dixon, Complementary Practitioner, London
Grander House Unit
After a few weeks I noticed a Since we installed Grander we have had no problem with our hot water system
Michael Shields, Retired University Lecturer, Drogheda, Ireland
Grander Portable Revitalising Unit
Increased the softness to my skin
Debby Thurston, Design Help Studio, London W5
Grander Energy Board
Water changed to something like nectar
Alan Clarke, Riverside Selection, Richmond, Surrey
Grander Blue Water
My digestive problems passed and weight loss was easier.
Denice Lobb, Greater Manchester
Grander Blue Water
It has health promoting properties giving the recipient a feeling of well being.
Colin Foster, Retired Senior Nurse Manager, Dorset
Grander Tank Unit
My first shower switched me from a negative mood to a positive mood.
Nicholas Jones, Actor, Cymystwyth, Wales
Grander House Unit
Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap!
Ann Martin, Community Nurse, Dublin
Grander Blue Water
We believe it energises our soaps
Denise Wain, Milk and Roses Soaps, Leicestershire
Grander House Unit
Lime scale in the kettle just brushes off….
Artisan Bread Limited, Whitstable, Kent
Grander Blue Water
Since taking Grander water, I have not had any menopausal symptoms at all.
Vera Peiffer, Health Kinesiologist, Surrey
Grander Energy Board
I could hardly taste the chlorine
Maurice Press, Disability Resource Team, Middlesex
Grander Tank Unit
There are indications that it is helping my arthritic knees.
Richard Hodkin, Gloucestershire
Grander Skin Care Water
The eczema suffered by my 11 year old is no longer red and angry
Sharon Pinder, Energy Architect, Buckinghamshire
Grander Blue Water
My blood was completely clear of all yeast and bacteria
Kate A'Vard, Nutritional Blood Microscopist, Surrey
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Style Magazine  - The Sunday Times:  4th January, 2004

Harriet Griffey thought bottled water was a con, until mountain-pure H2O healed her senses

Unlike Joan Juliet Buck, the former French Vogue editor, who famously enjoys mineral-water cocktails of several brands at a time, I have never been big on water. When absolutely necessary, tap water will do, and, although purists shudder, I don’t care. When eating at the River Cafe and asked if I prefer sparkling or still, I request tap water with ice and lemon. And no marketing on earth could have persuaded me that bottled water was anything but a con. Then I discovered Blue Water, a “naturally detoxifying water” from Austria.


Style Magazine feature - The Sunday Times

Blue Water is taken from a deep mountain spring, 200 metres below ground, where it has been filtered through alpine rock, picking up natural minerals as it goes. So far, so standard. What makes it different is that the water then undergoes a “revitalisation” process invented by Johann Grander, an Austrian naturalist and scientist. The exact nature of the process is a closely guarded secret, but in essence, it creates a charge that splits the molecular clusters of the water into many smaller ones, causing them to repel against each other and produce energy. Smaller molecule clusters also mean a greater surface area, which reduces surface tension and increases the water’s ability to dissolve other substances.

Well, that’s the science — but, like me, you could be forgiven for thinking, so what? Which is where the lemon test comes in. I am as sceptical as the next person, and am not convinced by hype, but seeing — or tasting — is believing.

Try the lemon test!
Take one lemon. Cut it in half and squeeze each half into two identical glasses. Place one next to a bottle of Blue Water, the other on the opposite side of the room. Wait five minutes, then taste.

I tried it — and the results were astonishing. While the juice in one glass remained wincingly sharp, the lemon in the other, placed next to the Blue Water, was noticeably softer and less tart. Even through glass, the effect of the water is enough to change the taste of the lemon juice.

There is also anecdotal evidence (from users, not Blue Water itself), some of which admittedly sounds more like science fiction than science. Some say that simply having a bottle next to their bed makes them sleep better, others that plants flourish on the stuff. There are colonic irrigationists who claim that using Blue Water gives far better results — although I can’t personally vouch for that one.

Even if you find this a bit hard to swallow, there are more straightforward reasons to give it a try. One of Blue Water’s claims is that it is naturally detoxifying — which, of course, is the case with all water. But scientific research has shown that it has a superior solvent capacity, which means a greater ability to hydrate the body and flush out toxins. Those of us on a mission to detox can only be grateful. And because our bodies are about 70% water, and our brains 90%, if Blue Water naturally “energises” whatever it comes into contact with, the effect on our systems should be dramatic.

But what about the shock of the £13.95-per-litre price tag? The good news is that you only need to add 10ml to a glass of filtered, mineral or even tap water. It’s wonderful in herb teas — and I have it on very good authority that it brings out the flavours of a blended malt whisky like nothing else.

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