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Grander House Unit
After a few weeks I noticed a Since we installed Grander we have had no problem with our hot water system
Michael Shields, Retired University Lecturer, Drogheda, Ireland
Grander Portable Revitalising Unit
Increased the softness to my skin
Debby Thurston, Design Help Studio, London W5
Grander Skin Care Water
The eczema suffered by my 11 year old is no longer red and angry
Sharon Pinder, Energy Architect, Buckinghamshire
Grander Blue Water
My blood was completely clear of all yeast and bacteria
Kate A'Vard, Nutritional Blood Microscopist, Surrey
Grander Tank Unit
I only feel better after bathing at home
Dr. Peter Hinde, Nutritional Therapist and Body Electronics Instructor, Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
My 2 year old son’s eczema disappeared
Joan Clark, Employment Co-ordinator, Essex
Grander Skin Care Water
I cannot believe the difference, it's not all about expensive products!
Helen Mason, Woodford, London
Grander Energy Board
The water has a distinctly smoother taste and texture than before.
Anni Dixon, Complementary Practitioner, London
Grander Energy Board
Water changed to something like nectar
Alan Clarke, Riverside Selection, Richmond, Surrey
Grander Blue Water
My digestive problems passed and weight loss was easier.
Denice Lobb, Greater Manchester
Grander Energy Board
I could hardly taste the chlorine
Maurice Press, Disability Resource Team, Middlesex
Grander Tank Unit
There are indications that it is helping my arthritic knees.
Richard Hodkin, Gloucestershire
Grander House Unit
Lime scale in the kettle just brushes off….
Artisan Bread Limited, Whitstable, Kent
Grander Blue Water
Since taking Grander water, I have not had any menopausal symptoms at all.
Vera Peiffer, Health Kinesiologist, Surrey
Grander House Unit
Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap!
Ann Martin, Community Nurse, Dublin
Grander Blue Water
We believe it energises our soaps
Denise Wain, Milk and Roses Soaps, Leicestershire
Grander Blue Water
It has health promoting properties giving the recipient a feeling of well being.
Colin Foster, Retired Senior Nurse Manager, Dorset
Grander Tank Unit
My first shower switched me from a negative mood to a positive mood.
Nicholas Jones, Actor, Cymystwyth, Wales
You can take a horse to water... and you can make it drink Print E-mail
Getting a horse to drink sufficient water can be vital for its health and well being. During the recent hot summer lack of sufficient water intake showed in split and chipped hooves, lack of new horn growth, as well as a dry coat. Dehydration in competition horses is understood as a problem, but it is also essential in horses who are recovering from illness and are on their way back to good health.

Felicity Wilson, the well-known horse healer explains, “Recovering animals often need to flush toxins from the body. Getting the horse to drink properly is an important factor in the healing process”.

Spring Gift, a bay gelding was sent to Felicity for healing after two years of conventional veterinary treatment. His owner was desperate to end a pattern of lameness which recurred when he returned to fast work. As he would only drink the top few centimetres of water from his buckets each day, Felicity felt that he would be in a permanent state of dehydration which would be detrimental to his rate of his recovery. In the past he had received a variety of veterinary treatments including neck manipulation under anaesthetic, x-rays and gamma scintigraphy to search for inflammation hot spots. Felicity wanted the horse to drink more water to rehydrate his body and support her non-invasive practices of Equine Touch, Healing and Bach flower remedies. Spring Gift, however, had other ideas and refused to drink any extra water.

On recommendation from a friend Felicity Wilson installed a water revitalising unit from Grander Water into the water trough. It is a simple metal rod which contains re-vitalised water and improves the quality of adjacent water.

“The impact was immediate” explains Felicity.“ I put the unit in the water and walked off with a friend and stood chatting nearby. After about half an hour I realised that Spring Gift had not followed us back across the field as he normally would, but remained at the trough. It was as though he wanted to be close to the water.

In the fortnight that followed Spring Gift gradually drank more and more water from his buckets in the stable which were filled using a portable unit from Grander. Eventually he was drinking approximately three or four times as much water a day.

“The real confirmation came”, continues Felicity, “when Alan Bailey, the remedial farrier asked what I had been giving the horse. He had produced 10 weeks’ worth of good quality horn in 5 weeks, which was in sharp contrast to other horses in similar hot dry conditions during the summer. Subsequently all the farriers I work with have asked me the same question about the horses I am healing.”

Spring Gift is now in the peak of condition. He is back to cantering and jumping and has not experienced any of the lameness which had constantly put him back in the equine hospital.

“There have been a great number of unexpected benefits” says Felicity “the water trough is much cleaner than it would normally be at this time of year. This means the horses are drinking better quality water with no algae, and we don’t have to clean out the trough!"

As a healer and body worker I am passionate about animals’ well-being and am amazed how everything is improved: coat, soft tissue and hooves. I now use Grander Water in my Bach flower remedies and I am convinced that they are having a more potent effect. Improvements take place every day, and of course there is none of the placebo effect that can occur with humans.”

Felicity uses a portable unit to wash the horses down, and to fill their stable drinking buckets. She also has a plumbed in unit for her home, and has noticed a reduction in limescale and the need for cleaning products and soap powder, and that her own hard-worked hands are much softer.

Felicity Wilson heals and cares for horses specialising in Equine Touch, Bach flower remedies and other modalities and runs courses to train animal healers. She is based in Wiltshire and also has a clinic in St Albans which she co-ran with Charles Siddle who left the practice to her when he died. Charles was well-known for his healing of horses and had been featured on the TV programme “Strange but True”.

To discover whether Grander Water could help your horses, or to find out about training as an animal healer please contact Felicity via

Grander units used at Beacon Healing:

Portable water revitaliser:stand pipe in the stables
Small revitalising rod:horse troughs
Grander revitalising unit:installed in the house

For more information on the units click here.